Welcome to ISVAG

ISVAG was founded in 1975 as an inter-municipal partnership for waste disposal. Since then, much has changed. In the past, waste used to be mixed together: glass, paper, textiles, cans, plastic, you name it. That's no longer the case. People have been sorting their waste for around a decade now. That already saves a lot of waste from going to landfill, and that is important. We burn that last bit of residual waste in an incinerator, and we do it so well that the flue gases that are released are only a fraction of what is allowed by law. So that reduces the impact on the environment. But, we believe that prevention is better than cure. The less waste we all produce the better.

Energy from waste

What is really great is that we do not just burn the waste: everything is converted into energy, so much energy that it provides the electricity for over 20,000 households. So maybe the power for your computer or for the light in your school comes from the waste that we process here.