Emission measurements

After the long journey through the whole purification system, the flue gases meet the strictest standards, and can finally be released through the chimney. The white plume that you see rising from our chimney is actually formed by droplets of water vapour. A measuring system with special sensors for each furnace monitors the quality of the flue gases meticulously. The flue gases are constantly checked for the presence of a number of substances:

  • CO: carbon monoxide
  • HCl: chlorides
  • NOx: nitrogen oxides
  • SO2: sulphur dioxide
  • Stof: total particulate content
  • CxHy: total organic carbon compounds
  • Dioxins

Approved laboratories check our measurement results regularly against their own findings. A comparison with Flemish and European standards reveals that the measurement results for the ISVAG chimney remain well within the standards. These results put ISVAG among the top 5% of cleanest incinerators in Europe.

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