Safety instructions

The plant that you are visiting is in operation.. That means that you, the visitor, get a real picture of a working refuse incinerator, but a plant in operation entails certain safety consequences for you as a visitor.

1. Wear closed shoes with low heels and an anti-slip sole.

This is a prerequisite for being able to visit the plant. The various storeys and locations inside the plant are connected by open grated walkways. This makes it impossible to walk on high or narrow heels. In all our departments, during normal operation of the plant, a maintenance crew may be working on routine cleaning/maintenance of walkway gratings and workshop floors. Slipperiness is normally not a problem, however, but if the floor is wet, it is advisable to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

2.  Wear a safety helmet and goggles when inside the fence of the plant.

Since this is a prerequisite for everyone at the plant, clearly we cannot make an exception for visitors. The open plant area is approximately 30 metres high. As stated in the previous paragraph, the walkways consist of open gratings. While a falling object may be exceptional, nevertheless it is a risk. Visitors are not allowed to smoke on the site.

3. You are a visitor.

At our plant, you will always be under supervision (accompanied). Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions from your guide meticulously, and always keep together as a group.

4. It is important to follow the instructions of your guide properly, after all, some of the information that he or she is giving you concerns your safety.

Example: places where you may come into contact with hot surfaces (after all, we are incinerating waste at the plant) which might result in a burn.

5. In case of fire or a disaster, follow your guide's instructions exactly.

He or she will take the necessary steps to evacuate you safely and quickly. Stay together at the evacuation point until the prevention adviser authorises you to leave the plant site.

The ISVAG management wishes you an instructive and safe tour.