What do you get to see?

The whole visit lasts around an hour and a half, and will be over before you know it. Because there is really a lot to see and hear.

Every visit starts with a welcome, and explanations about the technology used at ISVAG, followed by our fascinating corporate film. Then, it is time to take a walk around the whole incineration process. What you get to see:

  1. the weighbridge, where the waste is delivered
  2. the unloading bay, where unsorted household waste enters a huge storage bunker via pouring orifices
  3. the control room where the operation of the plant is monitored on computer screen
  4. careful spreading of the waste across the waste bunker with large crane machines
  5. filling the hoppers of the two furnaces
  6. the hot heart of the two furnaces
  7. the cleaning of the combustion gases via the electrofilters, the baghouse filter, the semi-wet and wet scrubbing (you understand all of that once you have seen it)
  8. the ash and scrap bunker
  9. the measuring cabin and chimney
  10. the turbine with 10.5 megawatt capacity to generate energy

If you like, you can consult detailed diagrams on the page "How ISVAG works diagrams". After this instructive tour you can still ask any questions in the visitor centre, and receive a leaflet with all sorts of useful information about the plant.

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